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LevelFunded can still save you 10% (or more!)

We can help to bring down your costs by 10% or more on average, by employing a "medicare reimbursement" pricing model. This is the next big thing in self funding - and rings out more “fat” in the healthcare system by cutting the major national PPO networks out of the benefits programs. In so doing, we essentially set a floor (and ceiling) to what providers get, in terms of their reimbursement levels for healthcare services. Self funded experts believe that 60% of self funded groups will run in this fashion within 24 months.

  • For current Self Funded Groups with 50 or more FTEs enrolled
  • Immediate cost savings is typically at least 10%
  • Maintain a top PPO network for routine well visits and preventive visits
  • In & out patient procedures – all FTEs access any provider
  • We work with the “TOP RBP TPA” in the U.S. - typically reimburses providers 140% of Medicare
  • TPA Boasts over 500 Middle Market Current Clients on the RBP model

Why do providers accept lower pay out?

‍Reimbursed within 2-4 weeks vs. 90-180 days in traditional network model
Supply and demand; Most providers want more business at all times
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“I feel like I stumbled across a great company and I am glad to have had the opportunity to have a relationship with Russ and Alex both professionally and personally. Thank you for helping to make our dreams become a reality when it comes to quality health insurance.”
Jan Marie, J. Solutions, Texas
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