Obamacare hurts small business. Read how one company avoided onerous regulations to reduce health benefits costs by $164k

Immediately save $50K, possibly $250K or more. You don't have to wait for an open enrollment period to start saving.
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The question facing small business is not what are we doing to control health benefits costs for our employees, the question is what can we do to get around Obamacare’s ridiculous small business requirements.

We have evidence—proof—that gets right at the heart of Obamacare’s failure. The ACA hurts small business owners. We explain how and what you can do to protect yourself and possibly save $250,000 in benefits costs in a short two-page overview and case study.

If you're like many U.S. small business owners, you may have seen recent “dramatic” price increases on your annual health insurance premiums. Whether this is true or not, you should set aside one minute to learn more about level funding, as it has the ability to save your business thousands annually on health benefits. We’re Level Funded Health and we help small businesses sidestep Obamacare.

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Find out how to immediately reduce the cost of health benefits by $50K, possibly $250K or more.

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Level Funded Health helps companies in all 50 states save 30% or more on level-funded programs. We offer an alternative to traditional plans and the onerous expenses forced on small business by Obamacare. We generate quotes within 48 hours in most cases, which could save you thousands. Programs are initiated within five days in most cases.