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annually in group health coverage

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How do I save?

Health insurance costs for small- to mid-sized businesses have increased dramatically, but innovative risk management insurance products can save you thousands per year. Level-funded health programs resemble hybrids of traditional small group health plans and self-funded benefits programs. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to switch to a level-funded health insurance plan:

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Cash flow

Unlike self-funded plans, level-funded payments are spread evenly across a 12-month period. Predictable payments make cash management easier on any small business. Included stop-gap coverage protects against cost spikes.

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Risk assessment

Traditional group policies unfairly use a broad community group to assess risk, while level-funded programs evaluate only a company’s employee risk pool. The results are often lower risks and lower cost plans.

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Annual Refund

Typically, one third of a level-funded premium is paid into a claims fund. Businesses get refunded any unused amount at the end of the year. Traditional plans keep all unused claims set-asides, forever.

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Utilization Reports

Level-funded customers receive annual reports about plan utilization that identify areas of misuse or abuse. This gives businesses the opportunity to educate employees and further reduce costs.

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Switch at any time

Level-funded programs meet Federal regulatory requirements and easily replace traditional plans. Better still it could save you money in as little as five days.

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“I feel like I stumbled across a great company and I am glad to have had the opportunity to have a relationship with Russ and Alex both professionally and personally. Thank you for helping to make our dreams become a reality when it comes to quality health insurance.”
Jan Marie, J. Solutions, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are level-funded health programs?

Level Funded Health Programs resemble hybrids of traditional small group health insurance plans and self-insurance. This allows small businesses to step outside of the ACA and provide their own health benefits. Quality health insurance carriers with a rating of A- or better ( A.M. Best) handle the program administration. These plans typically include a stop-loss insurance policy that acts as a hedge against claims over the total funded amount monthly. Other benefits could include monthly premium savings of 30% or more, as well as a potential year end refund. 50% of businesses across the U.S. see refunds on these types of programs - and refund amounts are typically 2 months premiums.

How does level funding work?

Not unlike a traditional group plans, level-funded benefits programs have a set, or level, monthly premium throughout the year. Premiums are divided into three buckets. One-third pays employee claims, another third goes to plan administration, and the final third pays for stop-loss coverage. Stop loss protects business owners from self-insurance risks. 

Unused portions of the claims fund may be refunded if unused by the end of the year. Plan administration costs and stop-loss premiums are not refundable.

Level-funded programs are utilization based in most cases, so businesses with healthier or younger employees could potentially save even more. Should businesses exhaust a claims fund, employers are 100% protected by a stop-loss policy on claims over the annual funded amount.

What are the advantages of level funding?

Level-funded programs do not pay premiums calculated with a community risk pool. Obamacare forces traditional group health plan participants into a large, potentially riskier group when forecasting claims. This is especially painful for small businesses. Level funding keeps premiums lower in some cases, because a company’s risk is lower than the general population. 

Level-funded programs allow businesses to recoup unused claims set asides. Traditional group plan premiums are nonrefundable. In addition, level-funded programs include utilization reports, so business owners have detailed information about overspending. If used properly, this information could save the company even more. For example, employees could be reminded that urgent care facilities have lower claims than emergency room visits.

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