We’ve saved mid-market companies over $100,000,000 on health benefits, and counting.

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We’re not your typical broker

We still give you access to top PPO provider networks, but that's where the similarities end.

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Our benefits consulting fee is completely transparent. We don’t take commissions for selling higher premiums year-over-year, ensuring our commitment to finding you the best healthcare coverage.

100percent focused on mid-market

We didn't invent Level-Funding, but we've rewritten the playbook. As a boutique brokerage firm specializing in mid-market companies (500-5,000 FTEs), we excel in crafting bespoke healthcare plans.

200+ years of combined experience

With years of experience in self funded benefits, we are thrilled to apply our expertise and support to qualified mid-market companies as they navigate through critical stages of development.

Immediately reduce healthcare costs by 20-40% without compromising on healthcare quality.

Lower and Steady Costs

Level-funded plans offer predictable costs with a fixed monthly fee covering maximum claims liability and administrative costs. This stability aids accurate budgeting and informed decision-making.

Downside Protection

Employers benefit from protection against unexpected high claims through stop-loss insurance, ensuring financial security and peace of mind even in the event of catastrophic healthcare expenses.

Additional Potential Year-End Savings

Level-funded plans, unlike fully insured ones, offer surplus returns for claims below utilization expectations. Most of our clients receive these additional savings at year end, often in the 6 to 7 figure range.

Transparent Insights

Employers gain comprehensive monthly data reports with level-funded plans, empowering them to understand employee healthcare utilization better and identify cost-driving factors faster.

Large, Broad, and Quickly Growing Platform

LevelFunded Health currently services over 25,000 members, with clients and employees throughout the United States.

We’ve saved companies millions on their healthcare

Below are some of our clients who have thrived with our approach. By enabling these mid-market companies to benefit from the advantages of a hybrid model that combines the perks of self funded and fully funded plans, they have achieved improved cost control, risk protection, and greater peace of mind.

Case Study

Driving health and profits back to an auto retail group.

>$20 Million
saved over 4 years
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Large and Rapidly Growing Auto Retail Group

In 2019, an automotive group of 2,500 FTEs, with 1,500 on a fully insured plan, approached us. Through benefits restructuring, we saved them $3 million annually upfront (a 20% immediate improvement), with an additional $2 million return on claim surplus at year-end, bringing total year one savings to $5 million (33%). Their annual savings have continued to grow for four years, as year end rebates have averaged $1.8 million and their health insurance costs have remained flat (i.e. 0% annual cost increase) despite national cost inflation exceeding 5%. They have made a series of acquisitions which doubled their employee count, and their improved benefits offering has been helpful in retaining talent.

We are in year four of the relationship, and both the client and LFH are delighted that cumulative savings are already well in excess of $20 million.

  • $5M
    Total Year 1 Savings ($)
  • 33%
    Total Year 1 Savings (%)
  • 0%
    Avg. Annual Cost Inflation
  • >$20M
     Cumulative Savings
Case Study

Upgrading healthcare coverage for IT.

>$6 Million
saved over 5 years
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IT person working on computer on auto assembly line

Cost Conscious IT Services Management Company

This IT management firm, dedicated to enhancing operations and cutting costs for clients, approached us to streamline their healthcare coverage. We started a dialogue in 2018, and the company quickly realized the strength of LFH’s value proposition. In year one, we were able to reduce upfront plan costs by $700k, which represented a reduction of 35%. In addition, given the way we structured their plan/offering, the company was in position to receive an additional $350k return of claims surplus at year end. This took total year one savings to over $1 million, which was well above a 50% savings year over year in healthcare spend.

This improvement in EBITDA was helpful as the company embarked on an acquisition spree over the next few years. So was the lack of plan cost inflation (<1.5%, relative to the national average of >5%). Savings for this company continued year over year over for the five years we worked with them.

The company reinvested some of the savings into the underlying employee benefit, lowering deductibles for full-time employees (in addition to the reduced premiums that benefited everyone).

  • >$1M
    Total Year 1 Savings ($)
  • >50%
    Total Year 1 Savings (%)
  • <1.5%
    Avg. Annual Cost Inflation
  • >$6M
     Cumulative Savings
Case Study

Helping waste management to save money, not waste it.

>$3.5 Million
saved over 4 years
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2 men dumping garbage cans into trash trucks at night

Multi-state Waste Management

A waste management company with operations across multiple US states was interested in improving profitability, and came to the right place. In the first year of working together, our solutions delivered substantial savings: $500k upfront (a 33% initial reduction), with an additional $325k from surplus claims returned at year end (which brought total year one savings up to 55% year over year). Notably, annual cost inflation remained below 1% for the duration of our 4 years working together, ensuring sustained financial stability and growth.

We were able to save them > $3.5m cumulatively over the 4-year life of our relationship, which equates to more than 2 years of their total annual healthcare spend in the year before we started working together.

  • $825k
    Total Year 1 Savings ($)
  • 55%
    Total Year 1 Savings (%)
  • <1%
    Avg. Annual Cost Inflation
  • >$3.5M
     Cumulative Savings

We’ve saved mid-market companies over $100,000,000

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