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This is a simple, but crucial data point to asses your groups overall health and risk profile to insurance carriers across the US. If your group is relatively healthy, generally speaking, your claims ratio will be lower than 100%. This means that the carrier you are with currently is paying out less in claims to providers than premiums taken in.

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Your current carrier should provide you with claims data and related reports. If you have over 100 FTEs currently enrolled, they have no choice but to do so. Chances are, you already have this data in previous reports. If we not, we highly recommend reaching out to your current carrier for this data point. Once you obtain it, please come back and fill out this form. Thank you!

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LevelFunded Health is a national, tech-enabled commercial health insurance distribution platform focused on level and self-insured benefit programs for middle market employer groups nationwide.

LFH immediately saves mid-market businesses anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million plus per year on health insurance costs, while simultaneously improving employee benefits, EBITDA, debt ratios and exit valuations.

LFH works with over 60 A-rated (AM BEST) national insurance carriers (medical stop loss & fully insured) to commoditize the commercial medical benefits sector nationwide.

Benefits to CFO’s

Increased Enterprise Value – Permanently decrease costs by up to 40%, increase EBITDA and Enterprise Value, improve debt ratios and exit valuations.
Employee Recruitment & Retention – Find and keep top talent by reducing employees’ max out-of-pocket and/or improving in-network quality to provide valuable benefits to employees and their families at a lower cost.

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