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56% of Small Businesses are Losing Quality Employee Candidates Due to Cost or Lack of Health Care

LevelFunded Health Survey Reveals Small Businesses Struggle to Compete For Potential Employees without Health Care Benefits

MIAMI (January 6, 2016) – LevelFunded Health, an innovative health insurance agency offering small business-focused benefit alternatives to the Affordable Care Act, announced today the results of a survey that reveals that 83% of small businesses find it challenging to offer competitive health benefits given the current Affordable Car Act market options.

The online survey was presented to more than 2,500 small business owners across the U.S. during December 2015, and it showed that the majority of small businesses have forgone hiring a candidate because of rising health benefit costs or have lost good job candidates because they do not offer desirable health care options.

The purpose of the survey was to identify if the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as ‘Obamacare’, as the failing reason why small businesses are limited in their efforts to remain competitive. Small businesses, commonly, cannot afford to pay the high premiums that larger corporations do to offer quality health care benefits for employees. Of those small businesses that do offer group health care, 87% saw a 25% increase in their premiums of the past two years. An additional 12% of small businesses saw a hike in their premiums by 50% or more.

“Small businesses must already compete for business and market share with large corporations, now they must also try to mimic their offered health benefits in order to attract the top candidates in the job market,” said Russ Carpel, CEO of LevelFunded Health “By seeking alternatives to ‘Obamacare’, small businesses may find that they can more easily provide group health care benefits that will make the company a more desirable employment opportunity.”

LevelFunded Health and its ERISA-governed health benefit product suite is a substitute for traditional small group health insurance governed by the ACA. LevelFunded benefit programs appear like hybrids between traditional small group health plans and concepts typically reserved for large corporations, known as ‘self-insurance”. Small businesses with five or more employees can cover employees on their own by simply setting aside the cash to cover anticipated claim expenses. The monthly premium remains the same (level) during the whole year and if claims are less than the funded amount, a rebate or credit is issued at the end of the year. If claims go over the funded amount, businesses are protected by a stop-loss policy

About Level Funded Health

LevelFunded Health is a national, tech-enabled commercial health insurance distribution platform focused on level and self-insured benefit programs for middle market employer groups nationwide. LFH specifically works for private equity firms based in New York, Florida and Texas, to immediately improve EBITDA across their entire portfolio of middle market holdings.  LFH immediately saves these businesses anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million plus per year on health insurance costs, while simultaneously improving employee benefits, debt ratios and exit valuations. For more information, please visit

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